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Marvel Cinematic Universe (english)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (or M.C.U.) is an ensemble of superheroes movies taking place in the Marvel comics universe. Those movies are, at least for the three first phases, around the Avengers concept, a group of superheroes (Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk,Thor…) united to fight the terrestrial and extraterrestrial threats lingering on Earth. Then, little by little, other superheroes (Doctor Strange, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man…) join the fight.

1Iron ManFavreau, Jon2008
1Incredible Hulk (The)Leterrier, Louis2008
1Iron Man 2Favreau, Jon2010
1ThorBranagh, Kenneth2011
1Captain America : First AvengerJohnston, Joe2011
1AvengersWhedon, Joss2012
2Iron Man 3Black, Shane2013
2Thor : The Dark WorldTaylor, Alan2013
2Captain America : The Winter SoldierRusso, Anthony &
Russo, Joe
2Guardians of the Galaxy (The)Gunn, James2014
2Avengers : Age of UltronWhedon, Joss2015
2Ant-ManReed, Peyton2015
3Captain America : Civil WarRusso, Anthony &
Russo, Joe
3Doctor StrangeDerrickson, Scott2016
3Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 (The)Gunn, James2017
3Spider-Man : HomecomingWatts, John2017
3Thor : RagnarokWaititi, Taika2017
3Black PantherCoogler, Ryan2018
3Avengers : Infinity WarRusso, Anthony &
Russo, Joe
3Ant-Man and the WaspReed, Peyton2018
3Captain MarvelBoden, Anna &
Fleck, Ryan
3Avengers : EndgameRusso, Anthony &
Russo, Joe
3Spider-Man : Far from HomeWatts, John2019
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