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Robot dreams (Short story)

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© 1986 – Isaac Asimov

Published in 1986 to introduce the homonymous collection, the Robot Dreams short story, as its title indicates, talks about LVX-1 – nicknamed Elvex – a positronic robot which chance and young roboticist’s boldness have provided the ability to dream.

Dr. Susan Calcin, eminent robopsychologist omnipresent in Asimov’s short stories relating robot stories, must determine if Elvex could be dangerous for society. Because his dreams, as well as being a functional anomaly, might bring him to self-determination and even to not obey to the Three Laws.

And a robot without the Three Laws might replay the drama of Dr. Frankenstein…

This beautiful, but short, story served as framework for the excellent movie I, Robot directed by Alex Proyas in 2004.


  • Locus award in 1987, “short story” category
  • Seiun award in 1996, “foreign short story” category
  • Asimov’s Reader Poll in 1987, “short story” category
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