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Dico S.F. – Antimatter

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In physics, antimatter is a generic term designating particles which have the same properties than their “normal” matter counterparts, except their electric charge. For instance, the electron’s antiparticle, the positron, possess a positive charge whereas the electron possess a negative charge.

Some neutral particles (not elementary) also possess an antiparticle because their components have one. For example, the antineutron is formed with three antiquarks (one anti-up and two anti-down) whose the total charge equal zero.

The particularity of antiparticles is that when they encounter their counterpart, they use to annihilate by emitting a lot of energy. In science fiction, that energy can be used to power an entire city or country, propel a starship or built a weapon more destructive than a thermonuclear bomb.

Matching words: Antigravity, Positronic

Examples :

  • The starship’s propulsion in Star Trek
  • The photon torpedoes, still in Star Trek
Updated: 6 April 2020 — 8 h 37 min
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