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Dico S.F. – Cyberpunk

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Aggregation of the words “cybernetics” and “punk”, the term Cyberpunk was imagined by Gardner Dozois in 1984 to describe the style of the author William Gibson.

It points out a science fiction branch whose the stories take place in a dystopia in which the computing technology (neural implant, virtual reality, hackers, developers, sprawling multinational companies…) is omnipresent. The (anti-)heroes are often some lost souls in search for identity who use that technology or are weakly dependent.

Matching words : Anticipation, Steampunk, Virtual reality

Examples :

  • Neuromancer, and all the work of William Gibson
  • The Shockwave Rider, by John Brunner
  • Mirrorshades (collection of short stories), by Bruce Sterling
  • Snow Crash, ny Neal Stephenson
  • The Matrix trilogy, by the Wachowski brothers
Updated: 6 April 2020 — 8 h 53 min
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