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Sentry (Short story)

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© 1954 – Fredric Brown

That very-short story, probably his most famous one, was published for the first time in 1954 in the Galaxy Science Fiction magazine.

The story

This story tells us the run of bad luck – fear, disgust, anxiety, lack of understanding – of a soldier on guard duty, confronted to that awful enemy, responsible of the worst horrors in a many thousands of years war, and with a highly repulsive appearance.

Highly repulsive? Yes, undeniably. But the horror depends first of all of our point of view. And before to conclude on the enemy’s ignominy, wait until you read the last line…

My opinion

In less than one page, Fredric Brown, usually accustomed to humour and jokes, succeeded at doing amazing feat to make us be conscious of the horror and nonsense of a millenary conflict, and to make us feel many emotions and sensations of this soldier isolated in front of that filthy enemy.

If you never read this short story, throw yourself onto it and admire the author’s talent.


The story in PDF : Sentry

Updated: 8 April 2020 — 5 h 52 min
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