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Dico S.F. – Close encounter

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In matter of unexplained phenomenons observation, a classification makes an inventory of the different kind of observation and encounters, proposed in 1972 by astronomer J. Allen Hynek:

  • Nocturnal lights: the witness observes unexplained lights in the sky during the night from a distance more than 500 feet (150 meters).
  • Daylight discs: the witness observes a distant U.F.O. (more often with a round shape).
  • Radar-visual: The previous observation is at the same time visual and radar.
  • Close encounter of the first kind: observation of an U.F.O. at a distance less than 500 feet (150 meters).
  • Close encounter of the second kind: the observed U.F.O. leaves material proof (ground tracks, radiations…)
  • Close encounter of the third kind: direct observation of the U.F.O. and its occupiers.

The Hynek’s scale was extended:

  • Close encounter of the fourth kind: kidnapping of the witness by the U.F.O.’s occupiers.
  • Close encounter of the fifth kind: communication the U.F.O.’s occupiers.
  • Close encounter of the sixth kind: death (accidental or not) due to an U.F.O. and/or its occupiers.
  • Close encounter of the seventh kind: creation of an alien/human hybrid, by sexual reproduction or by scientific method.

Matching words: Abduction, E.B.E., Extraterrestrial, U.F.O., Ufology

Examples :

  • Close Encounter of the Third Kind, directed by Steven Spielberg
  • The end of Star Trek: First Contact, directed by Jonathan Frakes
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