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Dico S.F. – Dyson sphere

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A Dyson sphere is a space structure imagined in 1959 by the physicist Freeman Dyson, constituted by an artificial sphere entirely surrounding a star to collect all its radiations for energetic and industrial endings.

Frequently, in S.F., the spherical form is abandoned for less expensive structures: swarm (independent collectors distributed on an imaginary sphere) or ring world (cylindrical ring going around the star in its equator).

Matching words : O’Neill cylinder, Bernal sphere, Stanford torus

Exemples :

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, 6×04 episode « Relics »
  • Ringworld, by Larry Niven
  • Pandora Star, by Peter F. Hamilton
  • Omale cycle, by Laurent Genefort
Updated: 7 April 2020 — 7 h 23 min
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