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Robert L. Forward

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auteurs_ForwardBirth : 15 august 1932 in New-York City (U.S.A.)
Death : 21 september 2002 in Seattle, Washington state (U.S.A.)

Robert Lull Forward was an American physicist, gravitation specialist.

Holder in 1965 of a PhD in physics from Maryland University, he worked on the development of antennas for gravitational waves detection. Then he worked in the Hughes Aircraft’s research labs , still in the detection of gravitational waves.

In 1987, he retired definitely from research and he dedicated himself to his writing career and his N.A.S.A. and U.S. Air Force consulting work. Because of his works, he writes mainly hard science and more precisely about gravitation.

Not well-know in France (only two of his novels have been translated), he is relatively famous in the U.S.A., where he had published twenty or so books, whose eleven in science fiction (some in collaboration with his wife Margaret and his daughter Julie).

Science fiction bibliography

  • Dragon’s Egg series
    • Dragon’s egg, 1980
    • Starquake, 1985
  • Rocheworld series
    • The Flight of the Dragonfly, 1984
    • Return to Rocheworld, 1993, with Julie Forward Fuller
    • Marooned on Eden, 1993, with Margaret Dodson Forward
    • Ocean under the Ice, 1994, with Margaret Dodson Forward
    • Rescued from Paradise, 1995, avec Julie Forward Fuller
  • Other novels (in chronological order)
    • Martian rainbow, 1991
    • Timemaster, 1992
    • Camelot 30K, 1993
    • Saturn Rukh, 1997
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