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Dico S.F. – Neutronium

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In the field of physics, the word neutronium designates a degenerated state of matter existing only in neutron stars.

With the extreme pressure and temperature conditions that prevail, atoms can’t no longer exist, electrons merging with protons. It only remains neutrons organised as a nuclear crystal or fluid.

In some science fiction works, neutronium is a generic term designating a generally very dense material (but with nothing to do with neutron stars) which can be shaped to create highly resistant artefacts.

Matching words: Neutron star

Examples :

  • Dragon’s Egg, by Robert Forward
  • The Neutronium Alchemist (2nd part of The Night’s Dawn trilogy), by Peter F. Hamilton
  • Nova, by Samuel Delany
  • The second generation replicators in Stargate SG-1 TV series
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